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Just pushed another update, but this one is HUGE.

Check out the details in the Compare Your Morals Update.

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Hey! Found your game in the BLM bundle and had a fun time recently playing it. Big fan, really curious, are the numbers actually based on any data? Or is it completely randomised? Sorry to ruin the magic if the former.

Anyways, made a video going through the first set of questions. Think I forgot to get an update for it since, since I couldn't access the other sets, but hey, might record more in future.

Great game, Cheers.

Just uploaded an update to address the issues raised below.

I like seeing the trolley drive around.

Talk It Through doesn't reset when I try to play it again.

I tried to download and it completely restarted my computer. That was bizarre.

Menu is bugged in the advanced situations screen. Won't allow you to return to the main menu. Fun little game though!

The tutorial appears to be bugged at the moment, it won't load

Just uploaded a fix to this. Let's hope it works in practice :) 

Are the statistics in the game real or fake?



It was a fun little game! Gave me a few good chuckles!

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Interesting little game! But... it doesn't want to let me progress beyond the tutorial. The tutorial worked fine, so I clicked to advance to The Basics, but it just ran the tutorial again. After passing it, I went back to the main menu, into Original Situations, and selected The Basics Part 1. It ran the tutorial again. I don't seem to be able to advance past this point. Can you help please?

I'll look into this, no idea what's causing it off the top of my head.

I'm having the same issue.

Good timing! Just uploaded an update to the game which should fix it.

Great! I look forward to trying it.

Just uploaded an update. Thanks for bringing this bug to my attention, if you find more I'll try and fix those too.

I just downloaded today (so it should be the updated version), and I can't get past the bus part of the tutorial. I just get stuck on the loading screen. I've tried Simple, Fast, and Fastest; lowering the res doesn't seem to effect it.  Any advice?

I'll take a look at it today. That's actually an odd place to be stuck, have you tried skipping the tutorial and selecting a situation from the menu?

I just uploaded a version that *should* fix this.

I went to reinstall and now no matter what way I try, it's saying the current zip is incompatible, or that there are no files at all.

Sorry for all this trouble. Thank you for your help.

I appreciate the feedback. If you're having issues the odds are that other people are too.  Just uploaded a new zip file.