A downloadable game

Made at TOJam 2021. 

Play as the protector of animals, Potnia Theron, and save the life force of creatures from the ever-expanding presence of human settlements.

You can read about the thinking and creation of the Potnia Theron game over at my website.

Known issues (at least ones worth mentioning):

  • The file size is unnecessarily large for what it is.
    • This has to due to with the inordinate amount of plugins and sounds files used in the game.
    • The excessive size makes WebGl untenable. Sorry!
  • I got really distracted during TOJam 2021 by the glorious weather outside.

Personally, I'd give this game 4/10. A fun project to create, but not a fun game to play.


PotinaMac.zip 265 MB
Potnia Win Build.zip 255 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and double click the icon.